Garret Morgan Facts

Garret Morgan Facts
Garret Morgan was an African-American inventor who created the early gas mask and the first traffic device with a warning position. He was born Garret Augustus Morgan on March 4, 1877 in Claysville, Kentucky, to Elizabeth Reed, and Sydney Morgan, both former slaves. Garret only received a 6th grade education and moved to Cincinnati, Ohio when he was 16 in search of employment. While in Cincinnati he hired a tutor and continued his education. He moved to Cleveland in 1895 and learned to repair sewing machines, which led him to learn how things work, and laid the path for inventing.
Interesting Garret Morgan Facts:
In 1907 Garret opened his own sewing machine and shoe repair shop.
Garret helped found the Cleveland Association of Colored Men in 1908.
Garret and his wife opened a ladies clothing store in 1909.
In 1910 Garret began developing his own inventions.
In 1916 Garret's breathing invention helped him rescue workers trapped in a water intake tunnel beneath Lake Erie. He was featured in a newspaper. This smoke hood was completed in 1912.
In 1913 Garret launched the G.A. Morgan Hair Refining Company. He sold his own patented hair strengthening cream product, a hair straightening comb device, and hair color.
In 1922 Garret filed for a patent for a traffic control device with a warning position. He sold his rights to the patent to General Electric for $40,000.
Garret was the first African-American to own a car in Cleveland, Ohio.
At the New York City Second International Exposition of Sanitation and Safety Garret was awarded the First Grand Prize Gold Medal.

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