Fidel Castro Facts

Fidel Castro Facts
Fidel Castro is the former political leader, and dictator of Cuba. He was born on August 13th, 1926 to Angel Castro y Argiz, a sugar cane grower, and Lina Ruz Gonzalez. His full name at birth was Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz. Fidel attended boarding school and private school as a child but preferred sports to school. Eventually Fidel studied law at the University of Havana where his interest in activism and anti-U.S. intervention grew. He became president of the Federation of University Students and began to oppose Cuba's corrupt government. His political aspirations led him to overthrow the government in Cuba and serve as Prime Minister of Cuba from 1959 to 1976, and as Cuba's president from 1976 to 2008, when he retired due to health issues.
Interesting Fidel Castro Facts:
Fidel Castro was born near Biran, Cuba.
Fidel had two brothers Raul and Ramon, and three sisters Augustina, Emma, and Angelita.
Fidel's mother was actually the maid to Angel's first wife. After they divorced she became Angel's wife.
Fidel's parents did not marry until Fidel was 15. When he was 17 he was able to change his last name from Ruz to Castro legally.
In 1947 Fidel went to the Dominican Republic to join an attempt to overthrow Rafael Trujillo, but the attempt failed.
Back in Havana, Fidel attempted to reform Cuba's government by joining an anti-communist party. The election resulted in a loss, and despite the party's leader Chibas' continued determination, he never won an election. Chibas' eventually killed himself because of his failure to accomplish what he promised the people.
Fidel married Mirta Balart in 1948 and together they had one child named Fidelito.
Fidel's failed attempt to win a seat in the Cuban parliament in 1952 led him to having little income and no political platform.
Fidel Castro attempted to overthrow General Fulgencio Batista's dictatorship in 1953 but he was captured and sentenced to 15 years. His arrest and conviction and imprisonment made him famous in Cuba.
An amnesty deal set Fidel free in 1955. His marriage ended in that year as well.
Fidel Castro went to Mexico and met Che Guevara. He learned about guerrilla warfare and returned to Cuba in 1956 with 81 insurgents. They attempted to overthrow Batista but most were either captured or killed. Fidel and his brother escaped.
For the next several years Fidel Castro led several military campaigns and in 1959 Fidel Castro was successful and took control of Cuba.
Jose Miro Cardona was sworn in as Cuba's prime minister but he resigned soon after and Fidel was then sworn in as Cuba's prime minister.
Fidel implemented many reforms that favored Cuba and not the United States, resulting in his label as a 'Communist', and 'dictator' by the U.S.
Political relations between the U.S. and Cuba worsened as Cuba established diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union.
There were an estimated 638 assassination attempts on Fidel Castro by the CIA while in power.
Over the years many Cubans fled their country to escape his regime. Most fled to Miami, Florida.
In 2008 Fidel Castro turned over the Cuban presidency to his brother Raul, due to his own failing health.
Fidel once gave a speech that went on for approximately seven hours.
Fidel almost always appears wearing green military clothing.

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