Charles Chaplin Facts

Charles Chaplin Facts
Charles Chaplin was an English comedian who became famous during the silent film era for his roles in film as an actor, composer, and filmmaker. He was born Charles Spencer Chaplin on April 16th, 1889, in England, to Hannah Chaplin and Charles Chaplin Sr. It is believed he was born in Walworth but no official birth record exists. Charles' parents both worked as entertainers in music halls. Charles grew up poor, and later became very successful and wealthy. This meant he would go on to become one of the most famous rags to riches stories in history.
Interesting Charles Chaplin Facts:
Charles began performing on stage when his mother was ill, when he was as young as five years old.
By the age of nine Charles had developed a keen interest in performing. His mother supported his ambitions and his father's connections helped him become a member of the Eight Lancashire Lads clog-dancing group.
As Charles toured and became popular he decided he wanted to start doing a comedy act.
By the age of 13 Charles quit school and focused on following his career dreams of becoming an actor.
In 1903 Charles performed as a newsboy in the show Jim, a Romance of Cockayne. It was not successful but earned him praise.
In 1906 Charles joined Casey's Circus, a juvenile act. He soon became the star of the show with his burlesque acts.
In 1910 Charles was granted the lead role in Jimmy the Fearless, and gained a lot of attention.
On his second American tour with the vaudeville act he was signed to a contract to work as an actor in film. He was 24 at the time.
Charles developed the popular appearance and character the Tramp, which featured baggy pants, tight coat, small hat, large shoes and a small moustache early in his film career.
In late 1914 Charles signed a contract with the Essanay Film Manufacturing Company, equivalent to over $30,000 a week today. His $10,000 signing would be worth $247,600 today.
By the age of 26, Charles Chaplin was one of the world's highest paid people.
In 1916 Charles was granted his own studio to work in Los Angeles. He released a two-film reel every four weeks as per his contract.
Charles Chaplin protested fascism, capitalism, WMD, and war in the themes of his movies. The FBI slandered him. In 1952 he was banned from the U.S.
In 1972 Charles Chaplin returned to the US to receive an Honorary Academy Award. He received the longest standing ovation in Oscar history - lasting 12 minutes.
When sound came to film in the 1930s Chaplin was not happy and vowed to continue with silent films.
Charlie Chaplin officially worked in and on 82 films but several others were unfinished. All of his films up to an including The Circus in 1928 were silent.
Charlie Chaplin died on Christmas Day 1977, at home, after suffering a stroke, at the age of 88. Three months later his coffin was dug up and stolen and held for ransom. His coffin was found buried in a field after a police sting and he was reburied.

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