Antonio Vivaldi Facts

Antonio Vivaldi Facts
Antonio Vivaldi was an Italian composer, violinist, priest, and teacher, considered to be one of the greatest Baroque composers of all time. He was born March 4th, 1678 in Venice, Italy, to Giovanni Battista Vivaldi and Camilla Calicchio. He was baptized immediately for unknown reasons. Antonio had either five or eight brothers and sisters - the number varies from different sources. His father was a barber and then became a professional violinist. It is believed that he taught Antonio to play at a young age as well. By the age of 24 Antonio was working at the Ospedale delia Pieta. It is believed that a composer named Giovanni Legrenzi taught Antonio his first composition lessons.
Interesting Antonio Vivaldi Facts:
It is uncertain whether Antonio was baptized immediately because of his health or due to the fact that the same day he was born there was an earthquake in Venice.
Antonio became known as the red priest because of his curly red hair. His father was nicknamed Rossi - which means redhead. In Antonio's images he often has white hair but it is due to a wig.
Throughout Antonio's life he suffered from a condition of severe asthma that resulted in tightness of his chest. He experienced inhibited speech, weakness and dizziness when he spoke.
Antonio Vivaldi created roughly 800 pieces of work throughout his lifetime. His music was not played often after his death. Instead it was locked away or even at times attributed to other composers.
Antonio Vivaldi's music is still being found. In 2010 his flute concerto Il Gran Mogul was rediscovered in Scotland and in 2012 an undiscovered manuscript for Orlando Furioso - an opera, was found.
Antonio Vivaldi was ordained as a priest in 1703 but withdrew later to dedicate himself to his music.
Antonio Vivaldi was a composer, conductor, and teacher at the Pio Ospedale della Pieta asylum for orphaned girls for 37 years.
Antonio Vivaldi wrote poetry fragments on his 'The Four Seasons' manuscript - possibly written by himself.
Approximately 230 of the 500 concertos he wrote were for the violin. He also wrote for the cello, mandolin, recorder, lute, and flute.
Antonio Vivaldi's music has been featured in several movies including Indecent Proposal, Pretty Woman, and Shine.
Antonio Vivaldi and Mozart were both buried in Vienna, but the site was lost when the Vienna Technical Institute was built over the graveyard.
Bach was believed to be a big fan of Antonio Vivaldi.
Antonio Vivaldi made a small fortune during his lifetime but when he died he was very poor.
Vivaldi's music is known for being very cheerful and bright.
Because of his asthma Antonio Vivaldi could not play wind instruments.
Antonio Vivaldi often received commissions from royalty and nobility, including the serenata 'Gloria e lmeneo' in 1725 for the marriage of Louis XV.
There have been works created about the life and work of Antonio Vivaldi, including a movie, radio play, children's book, and other works.
Despite his decline in popularity after his death his music continues to be heard and undiscovered works occasionally appear.

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