Amy Winehouse Facts

Amy Winehouse Facts
Amy Winehouse was an English singer and songwriter that incorporated a combination of rhythm and blues, soul, and jazz into her music. She was born Amy Jade Winehouse on September 14th, 1983 in north London, England, to Mitchell and Janis Winehouse. As a child Amy attended Jewish Sunday school as her parents were both Jewish. Amy had professional jazz musician uncles and her grandmother was a singer as well. In 1992 Amy began to attend Susi Earnshaw Theatre School where she was able to get a vocal education. At 14 she bought a guitar and began to write music. She signed to 19 Management in 2002 and her first record was released in 2003.
Interesting Amy Winehouse Facts:
Any Winehouse's mother was a pharmacist and her father was a cab driver.
When she was 10 years old Amy Winehouse started a short-lived band called Sweet n' Sour.
Amy Winehouse's music career began to take off when she was 16 and a classmate gave her demo to professionals at A&R.
Amy Winehouse's first album was titled Frank, and was released in 2003. It combined hip-hop, jazz, soul and pop and was critically acclaimed.
Amy Winehouse's album Frank was nominated for two Brit Awards (Best Urban Act, and Best Female Solo Artist) and the Mercury Music Prize.
The debut song on the album Frank was titled Stronger Than Me. It earned Amy Winehouse the Ivor Novello award for new artist.
The album Frank went double platinum.
About the time that Frank was released Amy Winehouse began to develop a reputation as a party girl.
In 2006 Amy Winehouse's management company suggested she enter rehab for her drug and alcohol abuse. Amy instead dumped the management company.
In 2006 Amy Winehouse released her second album Back to Black. Her hit song Rehab discussed her refusing to go to rehab for treatment for her alcohol and drug abuse.
Rehab became a Top 10 hit in the UK and Amy Winehouse won a second Ivor Novello award, this time for best contemporary song.
Amy Winehouse won a Brit Award in 2007 for Best Female Solo Artist and was nominated for Best British Album.
The album Back to Black debuted in America in 2007 and was an instant success. It went higher on Billboard than any other female British artist had ever accomplished and stayed in the Top 10 spot for several months. The song Rehab was a smash hit.
In 2007 Amy Winehouse became engaged to Blake Fielder-Civil. They eloped on May 18th the same year.
On August 8, 2007 Amy Winehouse overdosed on drugs and was treated, but her tour was put on hold in North America.
After several issues revolving around drug use, including arrests for possession, Amy Winehouse was not permitted to attend the 2008 Grammy Awards in the U.S. She won five Grammy Awards that night and performed via satellite.
In 2009 Amy Winehouse was added to the Guinness Book of World Records for Most Grammy Awards Won by a British Female Act.
Amy Winehouse died on July 23rd, 2011 at the age of 27. She had suffered an accidental alcohol poisoning.

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