Debbie Macomber Facts

Debbie Macomber Facts
Debbie Macomber is a bestselling American romance fiction writer who found success with the publication of her very first book Heartsong. Debbie was born on October 22nd, 1948, In Yakima, Washington. She was dyslexic and couldn't read until she reached grade five, but these challenges did not stop her from achieving her dream of becoming a writer. Debbie completed high school, and went on to have four children before sitting down to write. After several years of rejections Debbie attended a writer's conference where a Harlequin editor critiqued her novel Heartsong and suggested she scrap it. Instead Debbie Macomber sent the manuscript to Silhouette Books. They published the novel and Debbie's career began.
Interesting Debbie Macomber Facts:
Debbie began writing at her kitchen table on a rented typewriter while taking care of her four children.
Debbie Macomber's manuscripts were rejected for five years before being accepted by Silhouette Books.
Debbie wrote freelance magazine articles during those first five years to help earn money, and she used some of that money to attend a romance writer's conference.
At the romance writer's conference her manuscript Heartsong was critiqued by a Harlequin Enterprises Ltd. editor, who told her the manuscript should be thrown out.
Debbie Macomber took $10 (that she had to literally scrape together) to mail the manuscript for Heartsong to Silhouette Books. Silhouette bought the manuscript.
Publishers Weekly reviewed Heartsong. It was the first time they reviewed a romance novel.
Heartsong was the first novel Silhouette Books bought from Debbie Macomber, but it wasn't the first one of hers that they published. The first was Starlight. It was published in 1983 as #128 of the Silhouette Special Edition romance line of novels.
Debbie Macomber writes romance novels with optimistic heroines, most often living in small rural towns.
After Starlight was published in 1983 Debbie Macomber became very successful, publishing many books every year. In 1984 she published Girl Like Janet, Undercover Dreamer, Heartsong, That Wintry Feeling, Thanksgiving Prayer, and Gift of Christmas.
In 1985 Debbie Macomber published Borrowed Dreams: Alaska, Love Thy Neighbor, Adam's Image, Promise Me Forever, Laughter in the Rain, The Trouble with Caasi, A Friend or Two, and Christmas Masquerade.
Because of her love of Christmas, Debbie Macomber has written a Christmas-themed book almost every year since 1986. Some of these include Christmas Treasures '86, Christmas Treasures '91, Christmas Treasures '92, Christmas Angels: 3 Heavenly Romances, On a Snowy Night, and Small Town Christmas.
Debbie Macomber has written for several romance book series including Legendary Lovers Series, Navy Series, The Manning Sisters Series, Those Manning Men Series, Orchard Valley Trilogy, From This Day Forward, Angel Series, Midnight Sons Series, Deliverance Company Series, Heart of Texas Series, Dakota Series, Cedar Cove Series, The Blossom Street Series, and the Rose Harbor Series.
Debbie Macomber has won several awards including the first Quill Award for romance, the B. Dalton Award (three times), Romantic Times Magazine Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award, and the RITA Award.
Four of Debbie Macomber's novels have been made into TV movies.
Debbie has her own yarn store in Port Orchard, Washington named A Good Yarn.

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