David Baldacci Facts

David Baldacci Facts
David Baldacci is an American novelist, screenwriter, and lawyer best known for his thriller genre novels, such as Absolute Power, which also became a major motion picture. He was born David Baldacci on August 5th, 1960 in Richmond, Virginia. His mother encouraged him to write, which he did for almost 20 years before achieving success as an author. In the meantime David graduated from high school, attended Virginia Commonwealth University earning a B.A., and then went on to graduate from the University of Virginia with a law degree. He practiced law for nine years. His first novel Absolute Power was published in 1996 and became an international bestseller and a movie.
Interesting David Baldacci Facts:
To date David Baldacci has had 29 novels published, as well as four young reader novels.
Clint Eastwood was both the director and the star of the movie Absolute Power.
From his very first novel Absolute Power, which took three years for David Baldacci to write, all have been best sellers.
David Baldacci's books have been translated into 45 languages. They are sold in more than 80 countries around the world.
More than 110 million copies of David Baldacci's novels are in print around the world.
David Baldacci's young reader published novels include Freddy and the French Fries: Fries Alive! (2005), Freddy and the French Fries: The Mystery of Silas Finklebean (2006), Day of Doom (2013), and The Finisher (2014). The Keeper is due for release in 2015.
David Baldacci's Camel Club series of adult novels include The Camel Club (2005), The Collectors (2006), Stone Cold (2007), Divine Justice (2008), and Hell's Corner (2010).
David Baldacci's series Sean King and Michelle Maxwell includes the novels Split Second (2003), Hour Game (2004), Simple Genius (2007), First Family (2009), The Sixth Man (2011), and King and Maxwell (2013).
The John Puller series by David Baldacci includes the novels Zero Day (2011), The Forgotten (2012), and The Escape (2014).
The Will Robie series by David Baldacci includes the novels The Innocent (2012), The Hit (2013), Bullseye (novella, 2014), and The Target (2014).
David Baldacci has written many stand-alone novels including Absolute Power, Total Control, The Winner, The Simple Truth, Saving Faith, Wish You Well, Last Man Standing, The Christmas Train, True Blue, One Summer, and Memory Man.
David Baldacci and his wife Michelle have two children.
David's sister Sharon Baldacci was diagnosed with MS and David became involved with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society as a result.
David and his wife Michelle founded the Wish You Well Foundation in an effort to deal with illiteracy in the United States. The foundation partnered with Feeding America in 2008, and launched a program that addresses the connection between poverty, hunger, and literacy, called Feeding Body & Mind.
David Baldacci wrote the screenplay for the movie Wish You Well, an adaptation of the novel of the same name.
David Baldacci's novel series with characters Sean King and Michelle Maxwell has been adapted into a TNT television series called King & Maxwell. David is a consulting producer on the show.

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