Monte Iberia eleuth Facts

Monte Iberia eleuth Facts
Monte Iberia eleuth is miniature species of frog that belongs to the family of direct-developing frogs (better known as Eleutherodactylidae). This species is endemic (it cannot be found anywhere else) for the eastern parts of Cuba. Monte Iberia eleuth inhabits tropical rainforest from the sea level to the altitude of around 1.960 feet. It can survive only in areas that provide plenty of humidity. Unfortunately, habitat loss (as a result of accelerated deforestation) as well as mining and pollution of the ground led to drastic reduction in the number of Monte Iberia eleuth in the wild. Monte Iberia eleuth is recently discovered species, but it is already classified as critically endangered.
Interesting Monte Iberia eleuth Facts:
Monte Iberia eleuth can reach 3/8 inch in length (size of a fingertip).
Monte Iberia eleuth is the smallest frog in the Northern Hemisphere and the third smallest frog in the world (newly discovered species of frog from Papua New Guinea and Brazilian golden frog are smaller than Monte Iberia eleuth).
Monte Iberia eleuth is dark brown to nearly black-colored with two prominent copper/orange stripes on the back. It has orange and white stripes on the legs and purple skin on the belly.
Monte Iberia eleuth has wide head and thin fingers that end with small, rounded toes. Its body is equally long and wide.
Monte Iberia eleuth emits bitter odor and produces muscle-paralyzing toxins (called pumiliotoxins) in the skin. Main goal of its vividly colored skin is to alert potential predators (birds, fish and frogs) that it is not safe for the consumption.
Monte Iberia eleuth has been discovered on the slopes of Monte Iberia in 1996 (hence the name).
Monte Iberia eleuth is terrestrial species. It occupies areas with poor soil drainage and spends time hidden under the leaf litter and roots of fern.
Little is known about behavior and lifestyle of Monte Iberia eleuth because of the miniature size of these frogs (they cannot be easily spotted in the wild), low number of the remaining animals and their ability to quickly jump away at the slightest sign of danger.
Monte Iberia eleuth is diurnal animal.
Monte Iberia eleuth is a carnivore specialized for the consumption of ants and mites.
Monte Iberia eleuth produces high-pitched, irregular chirping noise using the small, pinhead-sized apparatus in larynx.
Monte Iberia eleuth is probably solitary creatures outside the mating season.
Monte Iberia eleuth doesn't have tadpole stage in its development. Miniature frogs (froglets) emerge directly from the eggs.
Monte Iberia eleuth has very small clutch size. Female probably produces only one egg per season. Both parents show strong parental care and protect their egg during the incubation period.
Monte Iberia eleuth has an average lifespan of 1 to 3 years.

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