Common kusimanse Facts

Common kusimanse Facts
Common kusimanse is small mammal that belongs to the mongoose family. It can be found in West Africa. Common kusimanse lives near the water. It inhabits tropical rainforests and swamplands, from the sea level to the altitude of 3.280 feet. In some parts of the world, common kusimanse is popular as pet because of its social nature, ability to learn tricks and create strong bond with its owner. Common kusimanse is on a target of hunters because of its fur and meat. Despite that, number of common kusimanse in the wild is large and stable. These animals are not on the list of endangered species.
Interesting Common kusimanse Facts:
Common kusimanse can reach 13 inches in length and 2.2 pounds of weight.
Common kusimanse is covered with thick, dark brown or reddish fur. Unlike soft fur on the belly, coat on the backs is coarse.
Common kusimanse has elongated head and nose, small, rounded ears, slender body and short, tapering tail. Legs are short and equipped with long claws.
Common kusimanse is able to climb on the trees, but it spends much of its life on the ground. It lives inside the tree holes, abandoned burrows or in the termite mounds.
Common kusimanse is diurnal animal (active during the day).
Common kusimanse eats various types of insects and their larvae, crabs, snails, small rodents and mammals and eggs. It occasionally consumes fruit and berries.
Common kusimanse searches the food hidden below leaf litter, rocks and logs using its snout and claws.
Common kusimanse lives in family groups composed of 10 to 24 members.
Common kusimanses communicate via sounds due to poor visibility in their natural habitats (densely vegetated areas). They are able to produce whistles, chirps and growls.
Common kusimanse is territorial animal. It uses scent produced in the anal gland to mark borders of its territory. It will aggressively defend its home against all kind of intruders.
Common kusimanse does not have permanent residency. It lives nomadic life. Family group often moves from one location to another (even when they have babies) to find food and avoid predators.
Natural enemies of common kusimanse are large carnivores and birds of prey.
Common kusimanses produce 2 to 3 litters per year. Only dominant pair in the family group reproduces, while all other members participate in rearing of the babies.
Pregnancy in females last 8 weeks and ends with 2 to 4 babies. They are blind and helpless at birth. At the age of 12 days common kusimanse opens its eyes. One week later, it is able to find food without help of other members of the group. Common kusimanse reaches sexual maturity between the age of 9 to 12 months.
Common kusimanse can survive up to 10 years in the captivity.

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