Cockroach Facts

Cockroach Facts
Cockroach is an insect that usually induces disgust in humans. There are 4000 species of cockroaches but only 30 of them are known as pests. Cockroaches can be found all around the world, inhabiting different types of habitat. They can survive in forests, caves, bushes, burrows and in urban areas. Cockroaches are very old organisms. They exist on the planet 350 million years. Modern cockroaches are smaller and more diverse than their prehistoric relatives. Cockroaches are not listed as endangered species.
Interesting Cockroach Facts:
Cockroaches vary in size depending on the species. American cockroach (that can be found in households) can reach 1.2 inches in length, while tropical species reach around 3.6 inches in length.
Cockroaches that lived in time of dinosaurs were gigantic, reaching 20 inches in length.
Cockroaches survived for so many years because they are highly adaptable to the changes in their environment. Along with scorpions, cockroaches can survive nuclear catastrophe without any consequences.
Cockroaches that live near humans eat almost everything. They can eat hair, glue, book covers, plastic, soap, leather. Wild cockroaches consume organic waste and play significant role in cleaning of the ecosystems.
Cockroaches contain vitamin-producing bacteria in their body. Thanks to these bacteria, cockroaches ensure enough nutrients even when they eat human garbage that has low nutritional value.
Cockroaches can survive long period without food. They need just one meal per month.
Cockroach has two pairs of wings. Outer wings are strong and leathery and they protect the body from potential predators. Inner wings are membranous and they are used for flying.
Although cockroaches can be often seen running across apartments - they are actually very lazy. Cockroaches spend three quarters of their life in resting.
Cockroaches spend most of their time hidden in very tight spaces. They are able to hide in few millimeters-thick crevices. Adult, pregnant female requires 0.17 inches of space.
Cockroach has 6 legs and over 18 knees. Legs with multiple joints represent adaptation to the life in different terrains. Thanks to unique type of legs, cockroach can run and hide from predators very fast.
Cockroaches are hard to catch because they have tiny hairs on their legs that detect even the slightest movement of the air.
Cockroaches are fast-running animals. They can run 31 inches per second when they detect danger.
Cockroaches can survive several weeks without their heads. This is possible because all other systems remain intact (circulatory, respiratory…). Eventually, cockroach will die due to thirst. Without mouth, it cannot drink water or eat food.
Female cockroach keeps eggs covered in special capsule called "ootheca". Some species release ootheca and left eggs to develop on their own, while others keep the eggs inside the body until they are ready to hatch.

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