Chinese mountain cat Facts

Chinese mountain cat Facts
Chinese mountain cat is a type of mammal that belongs to the family of cats. This animal is endemic for China (cannot be found anywhere else). Chinese mountain cat inhabits mountains, alpine meadows, grasslands and coniferous forests. It usually lives on the altitude of 8.200 to 16.400 feet. Information about Chinese mountain cats are relatively scarce. Scientists estimate that wild population of Chinese mountain cats doesn't exceed number of 10 000 animals. Number of Chinese mountain cats is dropping due to intentional poisoning of picas (their major prey) and organized hunting (because of their attractive fur). Chinese mountain cat is listed as vulnerable species (it may become endangered in the near future).
Interesting Chinese mountain cat Facts:
Chinese mountain cat can reach 22 to 33 inches in length and 10 to 20 pounds of weight. Tail is usually 11.5 to 16 inches long.
Chinese mountain cat has sandy colored fur and reddish-brown ears with short tufts. Tail is covered with 5 to 6 black bands and it ends with black tip.
Color of the fur depends on the season. Fur is pale, usually grey colored during the winter and dark brown during the summer.
Chinese mountain cat has stocky body with short legs. Even though they share similarities in appearance, Chinese mountain cat is larger than domestic cat.
Chinese mountain cat is nocturnal animal (active during the night).
Chinese mountain cat is a carnivore (meat eater). Its diet is based on rodents such as mole rats, picas and voles. These cats also hunt birds such as pheasants.
Chinese mountain cats have excellent sense of hearing. They use it to detect prey in the underground tunnels. When the prey is detected, Chinese mountain cats dig the ground to take it out.
Chinese mountain cats live in the underground burrows that have only one entrance. Females dig deeper tunnels.
Chinese mountain cats are solitary creatures. They gather with other cats only during the mating season. Group of Chinese mountain cats is known as clowder, clutter or pounce.
Mating season of Chinese mountain cat takes place from January to March.
Female gives birth to 2 to 4 kittens in the hidden burrows. Most kittens are born during the May.
Young Chinese mountain cats depend on their mother until the age of 7 to 8 months.
Chinese mountain cat is relatively "new" species. It was known as Chinese desert cat until the 1992. First pictures of wild Chinese mountain cat became publicly available in the 2007.
Chinese mountain cats are rarely kept in the captivity due to lack of information about biology of this species and because they are rare in the wild.
Lifespan of Chinese mountain cat (both in the wild and in the captivity) is unknown.

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