Bushpig Facts

Bushpig Facts
Bushpig is a mammal that belongs to the family of pigs. There are 6 subspecies of bushpig that can be found in the eastern and southern parts of Africa. Bushpig inhabits grasslands, riverine woodlands, swamps, reedbeds and semi-arid areas. These animals are rarely seen in the wild because they inhabit hardly accessible terrains, where they are active mostly during the night. In some parts of Africa, bushpigs feed on the agricultural crops. Despite organized killing due to conflict with humans, wild population of bushpigs is still large and stable. Bushpigs are not on the list of endangered animals.
Interesting Bushpig Facts:
Bushpig can reach 39 to 59 inches in length, 26 to 39 inches of height at the shoulder and 121 to 331 pounds of weight. Males are larger than females.
Body of bushpig is covered with coarse hair that can be reddish brown, dark brown or grey-colored. Whitish mane runs along the spine from neck to shoulders. Face is covered with light-colored hairs. Ears end with white tufts.
Bushpig has elongated head with flat snout, small eyes and large, pointed ears. It has strong body, short legs and thin tail that ends with tufts.
Upper tusks of bushpig are poorly visible. Lower tusks (elongated canine teeth) are large, curved and sharp. They are used mainly as a weapon against predators.
Bushpigs share several morphological features with warthogs. Compared to warthogs, bushpigs have less prominent warts on the muzzle (only adult males have warts), shorter tusks and they run with downward positioned tail (warthogs run with erect tail).
Bushpig is nocturnal creature (active during the night).
Bushpig is an omnivore (it eats meat and plants). Its diet consists of roots, tubers, rhizomes, fruits, crops, earthworms and insect larvae. Bushpig occasionally follows monkeys and collects their leftovers.
Bushpig is an excellent swimmer. It often wallows in the mud to prevent overheating and to protect itself against insect bites.
Bushpigs live in groups (called sounders) composed of 4 to 10 animals. Group consists of dominant male, dominant female and young animals of both sex.
Bushpigs use grunts, squeals and growls for communication.
Mating season of bushpigs takes place from May to June.
Female uses grass and builds nest that is shaped like a haystack. Nest can be 10 feet wide and 3 feet high. Pregnancy lasts around 4 months and ends with 2 to 4 piglets. Babies spend first days of their life in the nest.
Young bushpigs are dark brown colored and covered with pale longitudinal stripes that provide camouflage in dense vegetation. Both parents take care of the offspring. Bushpigs aggressively defend their piglets from all potential predators.
Bushpigs reach sexual maturity at the age of 18 months.
Bushpigs can survive 13 to 14 years in the wild.

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