Asian golden cat Facts

Asian golden cat Facts
Asian golden cat is a medium-sized wild cat that inhabits Southeastern Asia. It can be found in tropical rainforests, deciduous forests and subtropical evergreen forests on the altitude of up to 9800 feet. Exact number of remaining Asian golden cats is unknown due to shy nature of this cat. Researchers believe that their number decreases continuously due to intense deforestation (habitat loss) and poaching. Asian golden cats are targeted by hunters because of their fur (which is used in fashion industry) and their bones (which are used in folk medicine). Because of these factors, Asian golden cat is listed as nearly threatened which means that it may become endangered in the near future.
Interesting Asian golden cat Facts:
Asian golden cat can reach 26 to 41 inches in length and 20 to 35 pounds of weight. It has 16 to 22 inches long tail.
Color of the fur of Asian golden cat depends on the habitat (it provides camouflage). It can be golden, brown, cinnamon, grey or black in color. Face is covered with black and white stripes. Body of some individuals is covered with spots and stripes.
People on Thailand believe that burning of the fur of Asian golden cat keeps tigers on the safe distance. Because of that, Asian golden cat is also known as “fire tiger”.
Asian golden cat is crepuscular animal which means that it is active mostly at dusk and dawn.
Asian golden cat consumes birds, large rodents, small deer and lizards. It can kill a prey that is much bigger than its size.
Asian golden cat travels from 180 feet to 5.6 miles each day to find food.
Asian golden cat is agile climber, but it spends most of its life on the ground.
Asian golden cat is territorial animal. Males live on a territory of 18.4 square miles, while females occupy territory of 12.6 square miles.
Asian golden cat leaves scratch marks on the trees and use scent and urine to mark its territory.
Asian golden cat uses purring, meowing, hissing and growling sounds for communication.
Asian golden cats are solitary creatures that gather only for mating. Females can mate frequently, every 39 days. Males detect receptive females by smell.
Pregnancy in females lasts 78 to 80 days and ends with one to three kittens. Both parents take care of the babies.
Babies have only 8.8 ounces at birth. They will triple their weight in just 8 weeks. Kittens are covered with fur (same color like adult cats) and blind at birth. Babies will open their eyes 6 to 12 days after birth.
Females reach sexual maturity at the age of 18 to 24 months, males at the age of 2 years. Asian golden cats reproduce successfully in the zoos around the world.
Asian golden cat can survive up to 20 years in captivity.

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