Wind Energy Examples

Wind Energy

For more than two thousand years, humans have been harnessing the kinetic energy of wind to accomplish countless tasks. From the early days of sailing vessels to the windmill technology of early Europe, wind energy has been put to work to advance society.

Wind energy can be harnessed to produce power in a variety of forms. The wind can power mechanical assemblies that grind grain, pump water, generate electricity, and more.

From the first wind energy assemblies of 200 BC to the massive wind farms of today, wind energy is one of the oldest sources of intentional power and energy humans have used.

Examples of Wind Energy:

1.Wind Farms

Wind farms are stretches of open land that often see very high winds. These open stretches of land are also often uninhabited by people, making them ideally suited to the large turbines on top of several stories high towers. As the wind turns the blades of the dozens or hundreds of turbines, electricity is generated and incorporated into the power grid. Wind farms have been criticized for the loud noise they produce and for disturbing bird populations, but have been applauded as a clean energy source that still allows the land around the turbines to be used for things like crop production and animal grazing.


Although it's not quite as necessary as it was even 200 years ago, wind-based transportation on bodies of water is still a viable method of getting from place to place, especially for recreation. But scientists and engineers have been experimenting with a variety of vehicles that use wind energy-based sail technology, including cars and personal vehicles like roller skates and skate boards.

3.Home Energy Solutions Wind turbine technology has become cheap enough and effective enough that chain retail stores are even selling home turbine kits at affordable prices. These turbines generate electricity in much the same way that home solar power generators are available for residential use.

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