Parasitism Examples


Parasitism is a relationship between two different organisms where one of the organisms actually harms the other through the relationship. The organism that is harming the other one is called a parasite.

Examples of Parasitism:

Fleas or ticks that live on dogs and cats are parasites. They are living off of the blood of the host animal.

Lice are another type of parasite. They live off of the blood of the host animal.

Most species of cockatoos will lay their eggs in the nests of other birds, in the hopes that the other bird will raise the babies. Cockatoos often remove an egg (or more) from the nest to decrease suspicion over the additional eggs.

Aphids are a type of insect parasite that feed on the sap of the host plant.

There are many types of parasitic fungi that will attack various plants, fruits, vegetables, and even animals.

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