Eukaryotic Cells Examples

Eukaryotic Cells

A eukaryotic cell has one unique characteristic that other cells do not. A Eukaryotic cell has a membrane-bound nucleus. The nuclear material in the cell or the DNA is contained within a double membrane. Bacteria are the only type of cells that are not eukaryotic, they are prokaryotic so they do not have DNA encased within a membrane.

Examples of Eukaryotic Cells:

1. Animals such as cats and dogs have eukaryotic cells.

2. Plants such as apple trees have eukaryotic cells.

3. Fungi such as mushrooms have eukaryotic cells.

4. Protists such as amoeba and paramecium have eukaryotic cells.

5. Insects have eukaryotic cells.

6. Humans are composed entirely of eukaryotic cells.

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