Verb Forms Examples

Verb Forms

In English, verbs (words that express an action or state of being) have five forms.

Infinitive Form: to + basic verb

Simple Present: basic verb or basic verb + "s" (3rd person singular); expresses action that is happening in the present or a state that is presently occurring

Simple Past: basic verb + "ed"; expresses action that happened in the past

Present Participle: basic verb + "ing"; expresses action that is ongoing

Past Participle: basic verb + "ed"; past participles can be used in several ways, but one way is as an adjective to describe a noun

Examples of Verb Forms:

Below are some examples of the five verb forms for some additional regular verbs in English.

Infinitive Simple Present Simple PastPresent Participle Past Participle
To passPass (passes) Passed Passing Passed
To expect Expect (expects) Expected Expecting Expected
To kick Kick (kicks)Kicked Kicking Kicked
To plant Plant (plants) Planted Planting Planted
To sail Sail (sails) Sailed Sailing Sailed
To walk Walk (walks) Walked Walking Walked
To jump Jump (jumps) Jumped JumpingJumped
To seem Seem (seems) Seemed Seeming Seemed
To rip Rip (rips) Ripped Ripping Ripped
To phone Phone (phones) Phoned Phoning Phoned
To fold Fold (folds) Folded Folding Folded
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