Sentence Types Examples

Sentence Types

There are four types of sentences in the English language. Each one serves a different purpose.

Declarative Sentences-sentences that make a statement; end with a period

Interrogative Sentences-sentences that ask a question; end with a question mark

Exclamatory Sentences-sentences that express surprise or strong emotion; end with an exclamation mark

Imperative Sentences-sentences that give a command; end with a period; sometimes the subject is an understood "you" (in other words, there is not a subject visible in the way the sentence is written, but it is understood that the sentence is giving directions to "you").

Examples of Sentence Types:

Examples of declarative sentences:

I was late for school.

My father is a doctor.

Pam likes snow.

Examples of interrogative sentences:

Will you help me move this box?

Did Joey call you?

Do we have homework tonight?

Examples of exclamatory sentences:

I am so excited!

Our team won first place!

Ahh! You scared me!

Examples of imperative sentences:

Put your homework in the box.

Jennifer, clean up your room.

Mark, buy apples at the store.

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