Predicate Noun Examples

Predicate Noun

Nouns-name a person, place, thing, or idea

Nouns can function as predicate nouns. A predicate noun follows a linking verb and renames the subject of the sentence or clause.

To find a predicate noun:

1) Find the verb.

2) Is the verb and action verb or a linking verb?

3) If the verb is a linking verb, you could have a predicate noun or a predicate adjective.

4) Look for the word after the linking verb that renames or describes the subject.

5) If the word is a noun-a person, place, thing-that renames the subject, you have found a predicate noun.

Sometimes, you may hear a predicate noun called a predicate nominative. These two terms mean the same thing.

Examples of Predicate Noun:

Examples of predicate nouns with explanation:

John is my friend.

Is links John to friend-a noun that renames John.

Ann is a nurse.

Is links Ann to nurse-a noun that renames Ann.

Mark and John are baseball players.

Are links Mark and John to players-a noun that renames them.

Below are some additional examples of sentences that have a predicate noun. The predicate noun is underlined.

1) My mom was the class president.

2) Luke and Russ are brothers.

3) Shannon is a dancer.

4) George Washington was the first president.

5) Boats are my favorite!

6) Trisha and Mandy were roommates at camp.

7) My dog is a Labrador.

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