Interrogative Pronouns Examples

Interrogative Pronouns

Pronouns, words that replace nouns, have several different functions.

The interrogative pronouns are pronouns that are used, for the most part, in questions. The interrogative pronoun is what the question is about-so you may not know what noun the pronoun is actually replacing.

Examples of Interrogative Pronouns:

Interrogative pronouns can also be used to introduce dependent clauses, and they serve as the subject when they introduce a dependent clause.

Be careful! Some of these words can also function as adjectives or possessives (e.g. which bag; whose shoes). Remember that a pronoun replaces the nouns. If one of these words comes directly before a noun, it is probably an adjective.

Examples of interrogative pronouns:

Who (whoever)

Whom (whomever)

Which (whichever)

What (whatever)

Whose (whosever)

Examples of interrogative pronouns used in a sentence:

Who is laughing at me?

Which belongs to her?

Whom did you call?

What is your secret?

Whose is this?

I am not sure who can swim the fastest.

Can you tell me what you are thinking?

Whomever made that noise should come to my desk.

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