Doppleganger Examples


A doppleganger is a double of a person or sometimes their look-alike. A doppleganger can be someone who looks just like the person, or it can be someone who represents another part of the person's personality. Authors often use dopplegangers in literature to demonstrate two different aspects of the person's character.

Examples of Doppleganger:

Examples of Doppleganger in Literature

1. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde-Mr. Hyde represents a sinister, evil side of Dr. Jekyll.

2. In Hamlet, Hamlet's father's ghost is a doppleganger for Hamlet, as he gives voice to Hamlet's idea of revenge.

3. The Picture of Dorian Gray-The picture is Dorian's doppleganger, as it reflects his aging and changing nature.

4. In the movie The Nutty Professor, the professor and Buddy Love are dopplegangers. Buddy represents everything that Sherman wishes he could be-thin, athletic, handsome.

5. In the television series Drop Dead Diva, Jane and Deb are dopplegangers. Deb dies, but her spirit inhabits Jane's body. So, in a way, Jane is Deb. But, physically they are nothing alike, and Deb was a model and Jane is a lawyer.

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