Wolf vs. Dog

Wolf vs. Dog

Wolves and dogs are two related animals that differ mainly in the fact that dogs have been domesticated by humans and bred for certain traits, while wolves have remained wild.

A wolf is a large, wild mammal of the genus Canis. They are nocturnal predatory animals related to dogs. They are found mainly in Canada, Alaska, and Russia. The three main types of wolf are the gray wolf, the red wolf, and the Abyssinian wolf. Most wolves hunt in packs and prey upon other mammals.

A dog is a widely variable domesticated mammal belonging to Canis familiaris. They have been bred for appearance and temperament. They are easily trained and can be employed as service dogs such as drug-sniffing police dogs or guide dogs for the visually impaired. There are hundreds of different breeds of dog, from the tiny Chihuahua to the enormous Great Dane.

Dogs are actually domesticated relatives of wolves. Both are carnivores, but domesticated dogs have adapted to a human-controlled diet, losing their instinct and ability to hunt. Wolves tend to stay away from humans, but live in packs with one another.

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