Viola vs. Violin

Viola vs. Violin

A viola and a violin are similar instruments, but they have differences.

  • A viola is a type of bowed musical instrument with four strings, like a violin, but a viola is larger. A viola is tenor or alto (lower in pitch).

  • A violin is a bowed musical instrument with four strings and a high pitch.

*How is a viola different from a violin? Let's take a look below:

Let's take a look at their differences below:

1. "The low sounds of my lone viola were inaudible due to the shrill sounds of many violins."

2. "I easily found my viola on the table because it was larger than the set of violins."

Circle the Correct Answer:

1. The viola/ violin makes a deeper sound than the violin.

2. A violin has a higher pitch than a viola/violin.

3. A viola / violin is smaller than a viola.

Answers: viola, viola, violin

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