Raven vs. Crow

Raven vs. Crow

Ravens and crows are both large black birds which are frequently confused with one another.

A raven is a large, shiny black bird known scientifically as Corvus corax. They live in parts of Europe, Asia, northern Africa, and America. They build their nests of sticks high in cliffs or treetops. Ravens eat a variety of food, including rodents, bird eggs, insects, and garbage. They can grow to as large as 26 inches with a wingspan of 4 feet.

A crow is a large black bird belonging to the genus Corvus. They live in America and Eurasia. They eat grains, berries, insects, and bird eggs. They are known for their loud, piercing "caw" sound.

Crows are generally smaller than ravens and have a narrower bill. A raven's lifespan (30 years) is much longer than that of a crow (8 years). Crows tend to be more social and are drawn to urban, human-populated areas where they can easily scavenge for food. Ravens are more reclusive. Both are considered very intelligent birds.

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