Lose vs. Loose

Lose vs. Loose

Lose is a (verb) with multiple usages.
1. failure to retain a possession due to accident or theft
2. to be deprived of
3. a lack caused by death
4. to fail to keep, preserve, or maintain
5. to give up or to forfeit

1. Meaning: (to fail to retain due to accident)-"I lost my pen after walking away from my desk. Martin thought it was his."

2. Meaning: (to be deprived of)-"She lost her way in the woods when it grew dark."

3. Meaning: (lack due to death)-"I lost my friend in the war."

4. Meaning: (to fail to maintain)-"My mom lost her figure after having my third brother."

5. Meaning: (to forfeit or give up)-"I always chose the cards that make me lose my turn when I play Monopoly."

Something loose (adj.)is
1. free from attachment
2. unrestrained or uncontained
3. unbound
4. unpackaged
5. available or unaccounted for
6. lacking in restraint

1. Meaning:(free from attachment)-"The swing is unsafe because it has a loose screw."

2. Meaning:(uncontained)-"The dogs were set loose in the forest."

3. Meaning:(unbound or baggy)-"Her loose and unkempt appearance at the interview caused her not to get hired for the job."

4. Meaning:(Unpackaged)-"When mom came home we were scolded for loose cookies scattered across the floor."

5. Meaning:(Unaccounted for)-"Can I collect the loose change from under the couch cushions?"

6. Meaning: (Unrestrained or Unregulated)-"My mom gives us a loose schedule in the summer."

Let's use both lose and loose within the same sentence:

"If you don't wish to lose loose change, then make sure you do not have any holes in your pant pockets.

Circle the Correct Answer:

1. The lose / loose leaves gave the park the feel of autumn.

2. I will loose / lose one of my gloves if I play in the snow.

3. Did you ever lose / loose your temper when you didn't get your way?

4. I always loose / lose my patience while waiting in line.

5. May I eat all of the lose /loose French fries in the take-out bag?

Answers: loose, lose, lose, loose

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