Participials (L.8.1a)

Participial or Participial phrase-a verb or verb phrase that functions as an adjective in the sentence. A participial can end in "-ing," "-ed," or "-en". Present participials end in "-ing" and past participials end in "-ed" or "-en". Remember that an adjective modifies a noun or noun phrase, so a participial will modify a noun or noun phrase.
Examples of present participial:
The running water made a soothing sound. "Running" modifies water and "soothing" modifies sound.
Examples of past participial:
The broken chair sat next to the painted table. "Broken" modifies chair and "painted" modifies table.
Example of participial phrases:
Wearing a new dress, the actress walked to the stage. The participial phrase modifies "actress".
The picture, taken while on vacation, is of my grandmother. The participial phrase modifies "picture".
Participials (L.8.1a)

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