7th Grade Language Arts Skill Practice

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Informational Text

Key Ideas and Details
Craft and Structure
Integration of Knowledge and Ideas
Range of Reading and Level of Text Complexity
Read and Comprehend Literary Nonfiction

Text Types and Purposes
Use a Variety of Transition Words
Production and Distribution of Writing
Research to Build and Present Knowledge
Range of Writing

Conventions of Standard English
Spell Grade-Appropriate Words Correctly
Use a Comma to Separate Coordinate Adjectives
Differing Sentences
Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers
Phrases and Clause Functions
Knowledge of Language
Precise and concise language
Vocabulary Acquisition and Use
Acquire and use accurately grade level vocab
The Meaning of a Word or Phrase
Interpret Figures of Speech in Context
Relationship Between Particular Words
Consult General and Specialized Reference Materials
Affixes and roots
Connotations and Denotations
Words in Context