6th Grade Math Skill Practice

Ratios & Proportional Relationships

Rates & Ratios
Word problems : ratios
Write a ratio
Word problems : unit rates
Unit rates and equivalent rates
Do the ratios form a proportion?
Equivalent ratios
Word problems : compare ratios
Identify equivalent ratios
Write an equivalent ratio
Ratio tables
Word problems : unit prices
Unit prices with fractions and decimals
Word problems : percents of numbers
Percents of numbers and money amounts
Find the total given a part and a percent
Convert between percents, fractions, and decimals
Compare percents to each other and to fractions
Percents of numbers - with fractional and decimal percents
Find what percent one number is of another
Convert Units
Convert, compare, add, and subtract mixed customary units
Convert and compare customary units
Multiply and divide mixed customary units
Customary unit conversions involving fractions and mixed numbers
Convert and compare metric units
Convert between customary and metric systems
Unit prices with customary unit conversions
The Number System

Divide Fractions
Dividing whole numbers and unit fractions
Dividing fractions
Word problems : add, subtract, multiply, or divide two fractions
Add, subtract, multiply, or divide two fractions
Divide Whole Numbers
Division patterns with zeroes
Divide whole numbers - 2 digit divisors
Divide whole numbers - 3 digit divisors
Add, subtract, multiply, or divide two whole numbers
Word problems : add, subtract, multiply, or divide two whole numbers
Divisibility rules
Estimate quotients
Decimal Operations
Word problems : addition and subtraction decimals
Multiplying decimals
Dividing decimals
Add and subtract decimal numbers
Estimate sums and differences of decimals
Estimate products of decimal numbers
Inequalities with decimal multiplication
Factors & Multiples
Word problems : GCF and LCM
Identify factors
Greatest common factor
Least common multiple
Positive & Negative Numbers
Understanding integers
Working with temperatures above and below zero
Ordering integers
Multiplying integers
Dividing integers
Adding integers
Subtracting integers
Adding three or more integers
Absolute value and opposite integers
Locate, Compare, & Order
Decimal number lines
Graph points on a coordinate plane
Write inequalities from number lines
Comparing rational numbers
Put rational numbers in order
Absolute Value
Absolute value and opposite integers
Ordering rational numbers
Absolute value of rational numbers
Coordinate Plane
Graph points on a coordinate plane
Reflections: graph the image
Distance between two points and relative coordinates
Expressions & Equations

Write multiplication expressions using exponents
Evaluate exponents
Find the missing exponent or base
Exponents with decimal bases
Exponents with fractional bases
Evaluate numerical expressions involving decimals
Read & Write Expressions
Write variable expressions
Word problems : write variable expressions
Write a two variable equation
Identifying terms and coefficients
Evaluate Expressions
Evaluate variable expressions with whole numbers
Evaluate multi variable expressions
Evaluate variable expressions with decimals, fractions, and mixed numbers
Evaluate numerical expressions involving whole numbers
Equivalent Expressions
Distributive property
Write equivalent expressions using properties
Properties of addition
Properties of multiplication
Multiply using the distributive property
Identifying equivalent expressions
Addition and subtraction like terms
Adding and subtracting like terms
Represent & Solve [1 variable]
Does x satisfy an equation?
Solve one step equations with whole numbers
Solve one step inequalities
Convert between Celsius and Fahrenheit
Solve word problems involving two variable equations
Word problems : solve one step equations
Write inequalities from number lines
Graph inequalities on number lines
Represent Relationships [2 variables]
Word problems : interpret a graph

Perimeter, Area, Volume, & Surface Area
Area of rectangles and squares
Area of triangles
Area of parallelograms and trapezoids
Area of quadrilaterals
Area of compound figures
Compare area and perimeter of two figures
Volume of cubes and rectangular prisms
Surface area of cubes and rectangular prisms
Volume and surface area of triangular prisms
Objects on a coordinate plane
Distance between two points
Statistics & Probability

Data Displays & Analysis
Identifying non statistical samples
Create line plots
Calculate mean, median, mode, and range
Mean, median, mode, and range
Interpreting pictographs
Interpreting bar graphs
Interpreting box and whisker plots
Interpreting line plots
Create pictographs
Create frequency tables
Identifying representative, random, and biased samples
Interpreting charts to find mean, median, mode, and range