4th Grade Language Arts Skill Practice

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Key Ideas and Details
Drawing Inferences from the Text
Craft and Structure
Difference between First and Third Person Narrations
Explain Major Differences Between Poems, Drama, and Prose
Word meanings in Mythology
Integration of Knowledge and Ideas
Range of Reading and Level of Text Complexity
Read and Comprehend Literature
Informational Text

Key Ideas and Details
Explain Events in Information text
Determine the Main Idea of a Text
Drawing Inferences
Craft and Structure
Describe the Differences between First hand and Second hand Accounts
Structure within Texts
Words and Phrases Definitions
Integration of Knowledge and Ideas
Visuals that help with Meaning
Range of Reading and Level of Text Complexity
Read and Comprehend Informational Texts
Foundational Skills

Phonics and Word Recognition
Letter sound, Syllabication Patterns, and Morphology
Read grade-level text with purpose and understanding
Word Recognition and Understanding

Text Types and Purposes
Link Opinion and Reasons Using Words and Phrases
Sequences of Events and Transitions
Grouping and Organizing Information
Introduce a Topic or Text Clearly, State an Opinion
Supporting Details
Topic Development
Using Conjunctions or Connecting Words
Use Precise Language and Domain-Specific Vocabulary
Production and Distribution of Writing
Planning, Revising, and Editing
Research to Build and Present Knowledge
Range of Writing

Conventions of Standard English
Adverbs that Compare Quiz
Relative Pronouns Quiz
Relative Adverbs
Perfect Verb Tense Quiz
Progressive Verb Tense Quiz
Modal Auxiliaries Quiz
Modal Verbs Quiz
Complete Sentence, Fragment, Run-On Quiz
Homophones Quiz
Frequently Confused Words
Capitalization Quiz
Punctuating Direct Quotations Quiz
Dictionary Skills Quiz
Subordinating Conjunctions Quiz
Punctuating Compound Sentences: Comma + Conjunction Quiz
Prepositional Phrases Quiz
Form and Use Prepositional Phrases
Spell Grade-Appropriate Words Correctly
Order Adjectives Within Sentences
Knowledge of Language
Language and Conventions in Context
Vocabulary: Language in Context
Conveying Precise Meaning
Vocabulary: Precise Meaning
Vocabulary Acquisition and Use
Similes Quiz
Metaphors Quiz
Context Clues Quiz
Affixes and Roots Quiz
Idioms Quiz
Proverbs Quiz
Synonyms and Antonyms Quiz