Emmy Awards Facts

Emmy Awards Facts
Emmy Awards are given for excellence in the American television industry, at ceremonies held at different times of the year. They are the television equivalent to the Academy Awards for film or the Grammy Awards for music. The main two awards ceremonies for the Emmy Awards are the Daytime Emmy Awards and the Primetime Emmy Awards. The first Emmy Awards were given on January 25th, 1949 at the Hollywood Athletic Club for television shows only in the Los Angeles region. It wasn't until the 1950s that the Emmys became a national awards show.
Interesting Emmy Awards Facts:
The winged woman Emmy statuette was designed by Louis McManus, a television engineer. He used his wife as the model for the figure. His was the 48th proposal. All those designs submitted by others before it had been rejected.
The Primetime Emmy statuette weighs 6 pounds and 12.5 ounces. It is made with gold, silver, copper, and nickel and is 15.5 inches tall. The regional Emmy statuette is only 11.5 inches tall and weighs 48 ounces.
The ATAS (Academy of Television Arts & Sciences - based in LA) and NATAS (National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences - based on the East Coast) own the Emmy image by trademark.
The Primetime Emmys are usually held in mid-September and are voted on by members of the ATAS.
The Daytime Emmys are usually held in June and are voted on by members of the NATAS.
The Sports Emmys are held in the spring and are voted on by people with a lot of experience in national sports, chosen by NATAS.
The News and Documentary Emmys are held during two separate ceremonies. The Primetime Engineering Emmys are held in October by ATAS and the Technology & Engineering Emmys are held in January by NATAS.
The Regional Emmys are held by the 20 different regional chapters in the US. 19 are affiliated with NATAS and the LA-based regional chapter is affiliated with ATAS.
The International Emmys are held in New York City in November each year to recognize television outside of the US.
Other Emmy award ceremonies include those held for Public Service, the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award, and the Governor's Award.
The first show that aired on a streaming website to win an Emmy was House of Cards.
Mad Men has had 97 Emmy nominations and 15 wins. However no actress or actor has won for their role on the show.
The first Emmy winner was a puppet - Judy Splinters, and Shirley Dinsdale - the ventriloquist.
Netflix began appearing on the Emmy ballot in 2013 and has since had over 117 nominations.
The most Emmy wins by an actress or actor is Cloris Leachman, at 8 in total.
Angela Lansbury was nominated 12 times for her role on Murder She Wrote and never won.
The cartoon The Simpsons has had at least 85 Emmy nominations and 32 wins.
Saturday Night Live has won more Emmys for primetime television series than any other show, with 44 wins.
Saturday Night Live has been nominated 199 times for Emmys.

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