Venice Beach Facts

Venice Beach Facts
Venice Beach is a beachfront neighbourhood located in Los Angeles, California. It was founded as a seaside resort town back in 1905 and was independent until it merged with Los Angeles in 1926. Venice Beach is named for Venice, Italy, and is known for its beaches and canals, as well as the Ocean Front Walk that resembles a circus with performers and vendors. Venice Beach covers an area of 3.1 square miles and has a population of over 40,885 people. Originally Venice Beach was known as Venice of America when Abbot Kinney, a tobacco millionaire founded it. He dug miles of canals and drained marshes, and built a pier to support businesses. It merged with Los Angeles when financial troubles made it unmanageable.
Interesting Venice Beach Facts:
Oil was discovered in Venice Beach in 1929, and it caused problems in the waterways. The wells were producing oil into the 1970s.
In the 1950s Venice Beach was referred to as the Slum by the Sea because it had been so badly neglected.
At one time the amusement pier was referred to as the West Coast's finest amusement park.
Popular tourist spots in Venice Beach include the beach, the Venice Canals, Abbot Kinney Boulevard, the Boardwalk, and the Venice Beach Recreations Center.
Venice Beach has shops, a carnival atmosphere, restaurants, homes, condos, souvenir shops, performance artists, and tattoo parlors.
Venice beach Recreation Center was the location for filming parts of movies such as White Men Can't Jump.
Arnold Schwarzenegger used to frequent Gold's Gym in Venice Beach.
GQ named Abbot Kinney Boulevard the 'Coolest Block in America'.
The Venice Beach Canals have been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1982.
At one time it was possible to take gondola rides in the Venice Beach Canals. Now it is only possible to walk the pathways along the edges of the canals.
Venice Beach has 75 miles of coastline.
The surfing in Venice Beach is said to be some of the best. Breakwater Beach is popular with surfers. Visitors can take surfing lessons if they chose.
There is a drum circle at the beach each Saturday and Sunday where people from around the world play all types of percussion instruments such as drums, conga drums, shakers, and more.
Orson Welles included Venice Beach in his film Touch of Evil in 1958 because it had become so rundown.
Visitors to Venice Beach can take a walking tour and see movie sights.
There is a farmer's market on Venice Boulevard at Venice each Friday. It was founded in 1987.
There is a 1,310 foot concrete pier at the southern end of Venice Beach at Washington Boulevard. It is known as the Venice Fishing Pier. It has suffered damage over the years and been closed on a few occasions for repairs.
The legendary band The Doors formed in Venice Beach back in 1965. They are now considered one of the greatest bands of all time and were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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