Pensacola Beach Facts

Pensacola Beach Facts
Pensacola Beach is a community on Santa Rosa Island in Florida's Escambia County. It is an unincorporated township south of Pensacola in the Gulf of Mexico. Because of its land deed, residents do not own the land they live on; instead it is leased. Pensacola Beach has a total area of 11.56 square miles, of which 0.109 square miles are water. The population of Pensacola Beach is over 2,738. The first tourist resort built on Santa Rosa Island was the Casino Resort but it closed in the 1960s. Pensacola Beach is bordered to the north by Santa Rosa Sound, to the south by the Gulf of Mexico, and the Gulf Islands National Seashore lies to its east and west.
Interesting Pensacola Beach Facts:
There are several tall high rises in Pensacola Beach including the Portofino Towers at 182 feet, the Beach Club at 175 feet, and the Santa Rosa Towers at 170 feet.
In April 2010 a BP oil spill leaked 5 million barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. It reached Pensacola Beach in June 2010. Although it was cleaned up relatively quickly on the beach, tourism that year was affected.
Because of its location Pensacola Beach is susceptible to hurricanes. The storms that hit the region have caused beach erosion and damage to manmade structures. A hurricane in 2004 destroyed over 650 homes in Pensacola Beach.
Pensacola Beach's main beach is Casino Beach, which was named after the resort that once stood there.
Pensacola Beach has the Quietwater Beach Boardwalk, with street entertainment, nightclubs, restaurants and shops.
Pensacola Beach has a variety of structures considered to be novelty homes. The Dome of a Home is a monolithic concrete dome. It is sometimes referred to as the Flintstone Home because it looks like a rock house, however it has withstood major hurricanes because of its shape.
Pensacola Beach enjoys mild temperatures. When hurricanes are moving in, sometimes residents and tourists are forced to evacuate.
The sand at the beaches of Pensacola Beach is sugar-white, and the water is crystal clear.
Pensacola Beach is popular with environmentalists, fishermen, and with beach lovers.
Visitors to Pensacola Beach can go to the Gulf Islands National Seashore, which is the longest protected stretch of seashore in the country. This national park is popular for kayaking, snorkeling, and biking.
Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier is 1,470 feet long, stretching into the Gulf of Mexico. It is one of the longest in the Gulf and stretches past two sand bars.
During the summer season tourists and residents are treated to 'Bands on the Beach' in Pensacola beach at the Gulfside Pavilion.
Fort Pickens is an old fort and historical site located in Pensacola Beach where visitors can tour. It was active during the Civil War and also was later used to jail Geronimo, the American Indian Chief.
Visitors to Pensacola Beach can take boat tours, enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling, go whale and dolphin watching, try parasailing and paragliding, take a fishing charter, or enjoy other water activities such as jet skiing and waterskiing.

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