Laguna Beach Facts

Laguna Beach Facts
Laguna Beach is located in southern Orange County, in California. It is a seaside city with over 22,720 residents, many of whom are artists. The city is known for its climate, which is mild all year, its preservation of the environment, and its scenic coves. Prior to the Mexican-American War Laguna Beach was part of Mexico. The city was settled in the late 1800s and incorporated as a city in 1927. The city itself is isolated due to the landscape, and 5.88 miles of its coastline is state marine reserve. The main industry in Laguna Beach is tourism. Approximately 3 million tourists visit Laguna Beach each year.
Interesting Laguna Beach Facts:
1.21 miles of Laguna Beach coastline is classified as state conservation area.
There is a skull known as Laguna Woman that was unearthed in 1933 that has been carbon dated to roughly 11,700 years ago.
The total land area of Laguna Beach is 8.89 square miles. The total water area is 0.97 square miles.
The first post office in Laguna Beach called itself Lagona in 1887. In 1904 it was changed to Laguna Beach after Nicholas Isch petitioned for the change as postmaster.
By 1904 Laguna Beach was already popular with tourists.
By 1920 a large portion of the residents of Laguna Beach were working creative fields. The population at the time was roughly 300.
The first art gallery opened in 1918 and is now the Laguna Beach Art Museum.
Because Laguna Beach is not far from Hollywood it is popular as a filming location, going as far back as 1913. Silent films of the era were often filmed there.
Laguna Beach is home to artists, filmmakers, painters, photographers, and writers. This is how it became known as an artists' community.
The climate in Laguna Beach is considered a Mediterranean climate. It is a sunny destination. Temperatures range from the mid-60s in the winter to the low-80s in the summer.
The rainiest season in Laguna Beach is from January to March.
Some of the festivals held in Laguna Beach include the Festival of the Arts, Art-A-Fair, Kelpfest, the Bluewater Music Festival, the Sawdust Festival, and the Pageant of the Masters.
Access to Laguna Beach is via the Pacific Coast Highway or through Laguna Canyon.
Laguna Beach is considered to be Orange County's crown jewel.
Laguna Beach has more than 400 working artists and more than 70 art galleries where their work can be seen and purchased.
Laguna Beach is home to more than 30 parks, beaches, and coves for visitors to enjoy and explore.
Neighborhoods within Laguna Beach include the downtown village/Laguna Canyon, the heart of the city/South Laguna Beach, and North Laguna Beach.
There are more beachfront lodging accommodations in Laguna Beach than in any other Californian city.
The population of dolphins off the Laguna coast is greater than th population in the Caribbean, Hawaii and Florida combined.
Fishing is prohibited in Laguna Beach's waters. The city is considered to be a bird sanctuary and a refuge for marine life.

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