Huntington Beach Facts

Huntington Beach Facts
Huntington Beach is located in Orange County in Southern California. It is a seaside city with over 200,000 residents. Prior to European settlement the region was inhabited by the Tongva people. Huntington Beach's Beach Boulevard is the main through fare. It was once a cattle route. It was known under several names before becoming a tourist destination known as Pacific City. It was later named after the railroad magnate Henry Huntington and incorporated in 1909. At one time it was possible to obtain a parcel of land in Huntington Beach by purchasing a set of encyclopedias for $126. Huntington Beach covers an area of 31.9 square miles.
Interesting Huntington Beach Facts:
There is a wetland between Huntington Harbour and Downtown Huntington Beach that is protected as part of the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve.
Bolsa Chica State Beach and Huntington State Beach are the northern and southern beaches of Huntington Beach and are considered to be state parks.
Huntington Beach Pier was built in 1904. It was originally one thousand feet and made of timber.
Huntington Beach Pier has been destroyed several times. Once an earthquake destroyed it and storms ruined it on three occasions.
Huntington Beach Pier is now 1850 feet long and made of steel reinforced concrete. It extends from the Main Street into the Pacific Ocean and at the end is a restaurant called Ruby's Diner. It is extremely popular with surfers.
Fishermen love Huntington Beach Pier.
Huntington Beach Pier is a popular place to watch the sunset.
Oil was discovered in Huntington Beach and although much of it has been depleted over the years it is still being extracted at a much slower rate. Oil continues to provide income in the region.
The International Surfing Museum is located in Huntington Beach.
Every year on the Fourth of July there is a parade at the beach area of the city. It has been held since 1904.
The world surfing championships are held in Huntington Beach every year.
Huntington Beach is often referred to as Surf City. It is also known as the Surfing Capital of the World.
Huntington Beach is popular with surfers because the waves are consistent as opposed to being huge.
Huntington Beach is home to a 9.5 mile sandy beach.
On Tuesday nights in Huntington Beach three Main Street blocks are closed to traffic and it comes alive with vendors selling crafts and food and fresh produce. There is music and street performers and other entertainment.
Visitors to the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve can see almost 200 bird species on the five miles of trails.
Music lovers can visit Huntington Beach Symphony Orchestra to catch a concert throughout the year.
Huntington Harbour is popular with tourists. It is a harbor with islands and waterways, restaurants and shopping.
Visitors to Huntington Beach can take a ride on a gondola, through the canals and islands. The gondolas are from Italy.
Huntington Beach has its own 300 acre park called Huntington Central Park. It can be used for barbecues and picnics, jogging, or biking or fishing.

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