Hermosa Beach Facts

Hermosa Beach Facts
Hermosa Beach is located in Los Angeles County in the South Bay region. It is considered to be one of the three Beach Cities, along with Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach. Hermosa Beach was originally part of the Rancho San Pedro Spanish land grant of 1784, and later the Rancho Sausal Redondo. It was later purchased and became a part of the Hermosa Beach Land and Water Company. In 1907 Hermosa Beach was incorporated as a city, encompassing 1.43 square miles of land. The population of Hermosa Beach in 2016 was estimated at over 19,789.
Interesting Hermosa Beach Facts:
Hermosa is a Spanish word that translates into 'beautiful' in English.
The first pier in Hermosa Beach was built in 1904. It stretched 500 feet into the Pacific Ocean and was constructed completely of wood. In 1913 the pier was seriously damaged and partially washed away.
The old pier in Hermosa Beach was eventually torn down and the 1,000 foot long concrete pier was built to replace it.
Hermosa Beach was incorporated as a city in 1907, making it Los Angeles County's 19th incorporated city.
The average temperature in the summer in Hermosa Beach is 74 degrees Fahrenheit.
Hermosa Beach enjoys roughly 325 days of sunshine every year, but experiences morning haze and fog frequently from May to early July. Locals refer to this fog and haze as May Gray and June Gloom.
Hermosa's rainy season runs from late in October to late in March.
Smog is not as much a problem in Hermosa Beach as in other parts of Los Angeles County due to the cool ocean breezes.
Hermosa Beach has held the arts and crafts festival known as Fiesta Hermosa for more than 35 years.
Each July Hermosa Beach hosts the Hermosa Ironman, which involves running a sand mile, paddling a surfboard mile, and drinking a six pack of beer. The first person to finish without being sick wins.
At the beginning of August in Hermosa Beach the International Surf Festival begins. Events include pier to pier swim events and paddle boarding.
Hermosa Beach hosts a free concert series called the Hermosa Beach Sunset Concert each year from July 31st to August 21st. During this four week period many bands perform on the beach.
Hermosa Beach is home to a West Coast Jazz venue called the Lighthouse Café.
Jay Leno has performed at the Comedy and Magic Club since 1978.
Hermosa Beach is a popular place for beach volleyball. Both professionals and amateurs frequently play on the wide flat beach in Hermosa Beach.
Hermosa Beach has been a filming location for several movies including La La Land, Side Out, and Men at Work.
Hermosa City Beach covers all of Hermosa Beach's waterfront region.
Hermosa Beach is home to the Surfer's Walk of Fame.
Hermosa Beach has a variety of restaurants to choose from as well as shopping opportunities such as farmer's markets.
Popular activities in Hermosa Beach include surfing, watersports, beach volleyball, tennis, lawn bowling, basketball, skateboarding, paddle boarding, and the monthly drum circle at Hermosa Pier.

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