Homographs Examples


Homographs are words that are spelled the same way, but they are pronounced differently. The root "homo" means "same." The root "graph" means "write." So, homographs are written the same way, but they sound different and mean different things.

Examples of Homographs:


My father had to wind his watch.

Do you hear the whistling wind?


When the show is over, take a bow.

Lisa always wears a bow in her hair.


When I went fishing with my grandfather, I caught a huge bass.

My brother plays the bass drum in the marching band.


I saw a buck and three does running across the field.

Does anyone have a pencil I can borrow?


I need some more lead for my pencil.

Max will lead our class to lunch today.


Don't tear your paper before turning it in.

Do I see a tear in your eyes? Are you crying?

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